How does the selection process work?

The selection process by Victoria Police is based on merit. Once your application has been received and the job closes, a short-list is selected and these people are invited to attend an interview which is conducted by a selection panel. Our aim is to select the applicant whose skills, knowledge, personal qualities and experience best match the job requirements, as defined in the position description.

The length of the selection process can vary considerably from case to case, depending on factors including the number of applications received and work demands of the recruiting manager and panel. Typically, it may take around eight weeks from advertisement to appointment.

Please note that the point of contact for Victoria Police positions is located on the job advertisement and any queries should be directed either via phone or email to the contact person listed. For further information on the Victorian Government job application process, please visit http://careers.vic.gov.au/vacancies/application-process.    

What is the grievance period?

The grievance period is a seven calendar day period process where by any current employee of Victorian Government Department at the time of applying; who has applied for a position can grieve against the recruitment process. This is line with the Victorian Public Service Workplace Determination 2012. The grievance period is initiated once all applicants have been advised of the outcome of the position, and are followed up with an email.

Do I have to address the Key Selection Criteria in my application?

The Key Selection Criteria (KSC) is designed to help make the most accurate match between the requirements of a position and the skills of an applicant. It is a requirement that ALL applicants address the KSC within their application. It is important to read the job advertisement to gain an understanding of the position, the key requirements and how to apply. For further information on how to address the KSC, please visit http://careers.vic.gov.au/vacancies/key-selection-criteria.

What increment do I start at?

As a Victoria Police employee, you would generally commence work at the base of the range. However, adjustments may be considered according to negotiated outcomes under the Victorian Public Service Workplace Determination 2012.

What happens if I transfer from another Government Department?

If you are transferring from another Government department under the Victorian Public Service Workplace Determination 2012 and have had no break in service, you are entitled to carry across your salary and all leave entitlements under a Transfer of Personnel (TOP). You may be required to provide two most recent pay slips and a letter from your current HR Department to ensure a smooth transition. If the position you are applying for is a promotion you will commence at the base of the advertised range.

How can I check the status of my application?

An automatic acknowledgement email will be received on receipt of application. Applicants can also log into Careers in Victorian Government to see what stage the process is at.

How do I apply online?

Select the job you are interested in, the Job Details will be displayed. Scroll down and you will see the Apply Now button, click the button to launch the online application. If you haven't registered your personal and contact details you will be asked to do so, or to login if you have an account.

Who do I contact if I’m having technical issues applying for a position?

Ensure that your computer meets the minimum systems requirements to view and download documents or send information:

  •     Internet Explorer V4.x or later
  •     Opera 8.x
  •     Netscape 5.x or later
  •     Mozilla Firefox 1.5
  •     Minimum suggested speed - dedicated 56K modem
  •     Minimum Screen Resolution: 800x600
  •     Attachments: Microsoft Word documents
  •   PC settings enabled for HTML code, pop up windows, Javascript and medium level security.
Browser software can be downloaded free from the Internet.  Any general inquires can be emailed to: jobvic@dpc.vic.gov.au or you can call the Careers Helpline at the Victorian Government Contact Centre on toll free 1300 366 356 during normal business hours.

If you are still experiencing difficulties, there could be many technical reasons for the problem. It is suggested that you consult a computer vendor or your Internet provider to resolve the problem.

Can I submit my resume in just in case a suitable job becomes available?

No, unfortunately applications and resumes will only be accepted in response to a job that is currently advertised.
You can however, register to be sent email alerts as soon as jobs that match your requirements are advertised. Go to Current Vacancies on the website and click on Register to set up or update an account.

Can you suggest any tips when applying for positions?

Careers in Victorian Government website have some useful tips when applying for government positions. Click here to view these tips.

What should I consider before applying?

Applicants should read the position description which is attached to the job advertisement and consider whether they are able to meet the inherent requirements of the role and if they meet any required mandatory qualifications.

It is also important to review eligibility to work in Australia. To gain employment with the Victorian Government applicants need to be either:

  •  An Australian Citizen: a birth certificate, citizenship certificate or current passport is proof of eligibility.
  •  A permanent resident of Australia or a New Zealand citizen who has entered Australia on a valid passport may also to stay and work in Australia without restriction: evidence of permanent residency or valid New Zealand passport is proof of eligibility.
  • A non-citizen with a valid visa that provides work rights: a current passport containing the visa is proof of eligibility. As the visa has an expiry date, non-citizens can only engage in casual, temporary or fixed term roles that do not extend beyond the expiry date. Visitors on a Working Holiday visa are permitted to work in temporary or casual roles, but for no longer than six months with any one employer

At what stage can I receive feedback regarding my application?

Once the recruitment process has been finalised, an email will be sent to all unsuccessful applicants, including applicants who were interviewed. Within this email will be the panel convenor’s contact details to enable you to request verbal feedback.

Who can work for Victoria Police?

In order to work for Victoria Police, you need to be one of the following criteria:

  • an Australian Citizen
  • a permanent resident of Australia
  • a New Zealand citizen, with a valid passport
  • a citizen of another country, with a valid visa that provides work rights
  • a visitor on a 'working holiday visa', who is working in a temporary or casual role for less than six months with any one employer.
For further information, please visit http://careers.vic.gov.au/vacancies/working-in-government
Please also note that ex-Victorian public servants, who have accepted a voluntary departure packages (VDP) from a Government organisation, cannot seek work in government, or do work of any kind with any Victorian public sector agency, for at least three calendar years from their resignation or retirement date.

People with a Disability

For information on the Victoria Government’s commitment to ensuring its workforce reflects the diverse community it services, please visit http://careers.vic.gov.au/vacancies/people-with-a-disability.