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Police Custody Officer Vacancies

About the job

Police Custody Officers (PCOs) oversee the management of persons in police custody.

Police Custody Officers (PCOs) will be required to oversee the management of persons in police custody including administrative tasks. PCOs will be rostered on day, afternoon and night shift. They will mostly work in police station custody areas.

Is this the right role for you?

The PCO role is suited to people who want a career that is stable and who are able to undertake shift work. As PCOs will predominately be working with persons in custody, this line of work is best suited to people who can remain calm under pressure, are adaptable and who are able to multi-task and manage their time well.

Suitable candidates will also need to be people who closely adhere to rules and possess good computer, communication and interpersonal skills. Further, they need to demonstrate that they are of good character and reputation.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident (NZ citizens living in Australia eligible)
  • Must be 18+ years
  • Must hold a driver’s license issued by an Australian state or territory (probationary licence accepted, must be converted to Victorian driver’s license on commencement of employment)
  • Must not exceed a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30
  • Must hold a First Aid Certificate (level 1) by commencement of employment, valid for 12 months
  • Must hold a Working with Children Card by commencement of employment
  • Must not have any outstanding warrants, payment orders or payment plans in relation to traffic or parking infringements

Recruitment Process

In order to assess suitability for the role, Victoria Police will evaluate candidates against the following criteria:

For further enquiries about the role, please e-mail: pcoemployment@police.vic.gov.au

Open Vacancies

Right now, applications are open for the following Police Custody Vacancies:

  1. To view the vacancies and begin the application process, please visit: www.careers.vic.gov.au
  2. Vacancies are now open in Mildura, Horsham, Swan Hill, Warnambool, Bendigo, Moorabin, Frankston, Bairnsdale, Shepparton, Morwell, Wangaratta, Sale, Wodonga, Ringwood, Dandenong, Ballarat, Sunshine, Broadmeadows and Melbourne West (CBD).

Info Sessions:

Monday 19th October - Mildura: https://mildurapcoinfosession.eventbrite.com.au
Monday 19th October - Horsham :https://horshampcoinfosession.eventbrite.com.au
Tuesday 20th October - Swan Hill:  https://swanhillpcoinfosession.eventbrite.com.au
Tuesday 20th October - Warnambool: https://warrnamboolpcoinfosession.eventbrite.com.au
Wednesday 21st October - Bendigo: https://bendigopcoinfosession.eventbrite.com.au
Thursday 22nd October - Moorabin/Frankston: https://moorabinfrankstonpcoinfosession.eventbrite.com.au

Monday 26th October - Bairnsdale: https://bairnsdalepcoinfosession.eventbrite.com.au
Monday 26th October - Shepparton: https://sheppartonpcoinfosession.eventbrite.com.au
Tuesday 27th October - Morwell: https://morwellpcoinfosession.eventbrite.com.au
Tuesday 27th October - Wangaratta: https://wangarattapcoinfosession.eventbrite.com.au
Wednesday 28th October - Sale: https://salepcoinfosession.eventbrite.com.au
Wednesday 28th October - Wodonga: https://wodongapcoinfosession.eventbrite.com.au
Thursday 29th October - Ringwood: https://ringwoodpcoinfosession.eventbrite.com.au

PCOs will be stationed at the following 22 locations across Victoria:

  1. Ballarat
  2. Dandenong
  3. Heidelberg
  4. Geelong
  5. Sunshine
  6. Broadmeadows
  7. Frankston
  8. Mildura
  9. Ringwood
  10. Moorabbin
  11. Wodonga
  12. Bendigo
  13. Swan Hill
  14. Mill Park
  15. Warrnambool
  16. Morwell
  17. Shepparton
  18. Wangaratta
  19. Bairnsdale
  20. Horsham
  21. Sale
  22. Melbourne West (CBD)

Training Salary:

During the 8 weeks of foundation training or 5 weeks of recognised current competency training, PCOs will be paid the following salary:

$44,700 + 9.5% superannuation

Post Training Salary:

Following on from the training, PCOs will receive the following salary:

$46,143 + 9.5% superannuation


(Depending on shifts worked)

The benefits of this role will be as per the VPS Enterprise agreement and will include the following:

  • Up to 5 weeks leave per annum plus time off lieu for public holidays
  • 14 weeks maternity leave
  • Defence force leave
  • 15 personal leave day


Successful applicants that have no prior experience in managing persons in custody are required to undergo a foundation course whereas people who do have prior experience in managing persons in custody, may be eligible to undergo a recognised current competency course:

Foundation Course

8 weeks in duration

Custody Administration

Week 1 to 3: Custody administration. First week: observational shift on Friday.

Week 4: Workplace placement. No direct contact with detainees.

Persons in Custody Well being:

Week 5 to 6: Persons in custody well being issues and summative assessment

Week 7: Workplace placement. Direct contact with detainees.

Week 8: Incident management, self-awareness training, offender well being simulation.

Week 9 to 20: On the job training following operational learning framework.

View jobs on www.careers.vic.gov.au