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Meet PSO Preeti Singh.  Preeti has worked as a PSO for the last 15 months.  Before starting with Victoria Police, Preeti worked in a number of customer interfacing roles which has helped her to feel confident in her role as a PSO. Preeti was originally born in Punjab and she moved to Australia to study by herself and 10 years later she is still here!  We sat down with Preeti and asked her some questions about herself and her career with Victoria Police:
VPR: Why did you apply to be a PSO?
Preeti: I wanted to be the person that people came and spoke to.  I also saw it as a good career which attracts alot of respect.
VPR: What did your family think about you applying?
Preeti: Your family can help or hinder you.  Luckily my husband and parents were really supportive.  When I was first thinking about applying, I thought can I really do this? But my husband really encouraged me and he is still really supportive of what I do.
VPR: Has the job been what you thought it would be?
Preeti: In some ways, it is even better.  Even when I started, I still had doubts about how it would turn out.  The team environment is the best I have ever been in and the mentors provide excellent support and coaching. We also receive a lot of feedback from the public which is really gratifying.
VPR: What do you think that the main misconception about a career in policing is?
Preeti: In India, the police play a very different role compared to in Australia.  I think that the main misconception about policing is that it is a dangerous or stressful role.   I actually think I am more prepared for danger in my role because of the training I have received.
VPR: Can you tell us about a memorable moment on the job?
Preeti: I had a female confide in me that she was the victim of domestic abuse.  She did not want to tell anyone because she was ashamed.  I spoke at length to her about speaking to someone.  The next time I saw her, she had told her parents which was a big step and I was glad I was able to help her do that.
VPR: What advice would you give to people thinking about applying?
Preeti: Be confident, believe in yourself.  If you think this could be you, give it a go!