Salary and Benefits

From the first day of your training course at the Victoria Police Academy, you will begin on your base salary of $57,204.

Upon graduation from the Victoria Police Academy due to the hours you will be working, you will be entitled to shift allowances on top of your salary.

As a sworn member of Victoria Police, you will be entitled to 7 weeks recreation leave per year with an additional 10 days accrued time off per year.  The additional 10 days is granted because you will work a 40 hour week but be paid for 38 hours.

Along with recreation leave, Protective Services Officers are entitled to sick leave of 15 days per year, and a range of other leave entitlements; including maternity and paternity leave, study leave and long service leave of three months on full-pay, or six months on half-pay after 10 years of service. It is possible to access your accrued long service leave on a pro-rata basis after seven years’ of service.