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Culturally And Linguistically Diverse

The Victoria Police workforce is made up of people from various culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds meaning that our employees bring a variety of different attributes and life experiences to our organisation.

Victoria Police is committed to ensuring that our workforce reflects the community that we serve.  At Victoria Police we celebrate the different backgrounds that our employees come from as we believe that this enriches the service that we are able to deliver to our community.  

As a Police Officer, you will be required to wear many hats and therefore this is a role that suits someone who is adaptable and flexible.  You will also be required to communicate with people from all walks of life and be responsible for submitting a large volume of paper work so sound English communication skills are a must for this role.

If a career in policing is something that you have been thinking about and you want to understand more about whether it is the right choice for you, please e-mail rsbmarketing@police.vic.gov.au.

Or alternatively apply today and begin the journey to embark on a remarkable career.