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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander


Victoria Police strives to be an employer of choice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.  To meet this goal, Victoria Police launched an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment Plan in 2014 to create employment and career development opportunities in a supportive and inclusive environment.  

James Egan (pictured above), a Police Officer since 1985 and a descendent of Gunditjmara and Bangerang people had this to say about his career with Victoria Police: 

‘The fact I am able to so readily change roles in Victoria Police provides plenty of motivation.  Each new role presents new challenges, so it means you are always learning.  Whether I am training new recruits, giving advice to a farmer on safer living or in my new role in crime prevention, there is always something new to learn – that provides ample motivation’.

If you have high integrity, are community minded, problem/solution orientated and a good communicator then a career as a Police Officer could be right for you.  

If a career in policing is something that you have been thinking about and you want to understand more about whether it is the right choice for you, please e-mail rsbmarketing@police.vic.gov.au.

Or alternatively apply today and begin the journey to embark on a remarkable career.